O.R.k. – Soul Of An Octopus (2017)

Soul Of An Octopus is the second studio album by the fresh sounding quartet named O.R.k., one of the many projects where Colin Edwin (who has garnered most of his fame with the band Porcupine Tree) is working on at the moment. Sir Edwin is one of my all-time favourite bassists out there, and I’m glad he continues providing wonderful music with several bands, projects and collaborations. I was afraid that O.R.k. would be a temporary project, but I’m really glad they continue making beautiful music and made this second album. Continue reading “O.R.k. – Soul Of An Octopus (2017)”

The Mute Gods – Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth (2017)

Just one year after their debut release Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me, The Mute Gods already have a new album that needs to be heard by the people who live on planet earth… or maybe they have sent a copy to Mars already, I don’t know. Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth is the title. You know, those small creatures that can withstand high pressure and very extreme temperatures. The creatures who made this album aren’t that small at all, we are talking about Nick Beggs (lead vocals, bass guitar, Chapman Stick, guitar, keyboards), Marco Minnemann (drums, percussion, guitar) and Roger King (keyboards, programming, production). If you have no clue who they are, you have probably seen them playing along with Steven Wilson and/or Steve Hackett. If you still have no clue, then you probably live under a big (prog) rock. Continue reading “The Mute Gods – Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth (2017)”

Tim Bowness – Lost In The Ghost Light (2017)

Where to begin… If somebody would ask my how to describe Tim’s music, than I would say that it’s “friendly music” that contains a lot of emotion, carried by both the lyrics and the music. I know, this is not really a clear description of what you can expect, so here follows a more clear description: The music is a light blend of different styles and genres. Sheer progressive rock, mixed with pop rock and soundscapes. For the people who like later no-man and previous solo albums this album will not be something new, it will fit perfectly in line with mister Bowness his progress. Continue reading “Tim Bowness – Lost In The Ghost Light (2017)”

Playlist by Iris (February 2017)

Just a brief selection of music I’m listening to these days… Really, if I would make a playlist for all the music I listen to from time to time I would barely have time to write reviews! A lot of (sort of recent) music in this list, here we go!  Continue reading “Playlist by Iris (February 2017)”

Blackfield – V (2017)

Let’s get straight to the point. Blackfield are back! Aviv Geffen and Steven Wilson delivered a masterpiece. I’m a big fan of their first two albums, and I still think the first one can’t be exceeded, but the third and fourth one were sadly disappointing me. The magic was gone, the typical gloominess and dark undertones were scattered over the place, but no track could really keep my attention. I even lost my hopes if Blackfield would ever return… Continue reading “Blackfield – V (2017)”

Playlist by Iris (January 2017)

Yesterday I uploaded my Best of 2016 list, but now it’s time for some brand new music that needs to be heard! Here are five fresh albums (and some still need to be released) that you definitely should check out!  Continue reading “Playlist by Iris (January 2017)”

Best albums of 2016 by Iris

Yes, I know, I’m late with this one. I was very busy with establishing this website, so I barely had time to focus on making a top 10/top 5/top whatever of 2016 albums. Well, this is not going to be a Top 10 really, this will be a list with albums released in the year 2016 that stick with me the most. Here we go! Continue reading “Best albums of 2016 by Iris”

VOLA – Inmazes (2016)

In this modern age of online music procurement, fans certainly have much greater access to the music of the bands they love. One of the many unfortunate side effects of this accessibility, besides the loss of well-deserved revenue by these artists, is the tendency for people to acquire single songs as opposed to entire albums. In many cases a music lover will miss out on many great tunes as well as the continuity of a well written and arranged complete album. Continue reading “VOLA – Inmazes (2016)”

Top 5 EP albums of 2016 by Iris

Everybody talking about their favourite albums of 2016… But what about the EPs that has been released in 2016? You know, those albums that only contain three or four tracks, but somehow contain just enough music to blow your mind? Well, here it is! My top five of most favourite EPs of 2016!

Continue reading “Top 5 EP albums of 2016 by Iris”

Stick Men – Prog Noir (2016)

A band that can’t do anything wrong according to myself. They are even more brilliant to watch live, and I always enjoyed the gigs I’ve seen of them. But what can you ask from three amazing gentlemen, all a master on the instruments they play. Tony Levin (King Crimson) on Chapman Stick and vocals, Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson) on drums & percussion, and Markus Reuter (Centrozoon) on Touch guitar and vocals. Continue reading “Stick Men – Prog Noir (2016)”