Is this something new?

“Hey! What’s this? Oooh, a review of my favourite artist X, I didn’t know that there’s a new album out… And look, an interview with band Y! I never heard of them, let’s check them out!” … Today’s question: What “triggers” you to read a certain review/interview, listen to a podcast/radioshow, or to click on a certain link (like this one)? Continue reading “Is this something new?”

Playlist by Iris (February 2017)

Just a brief selection of music I’m listening to these days… Really, if I would make a playlist for all the music I listen to from time to time I would barely have time to write reviews! A lot of (sort of recent) music in this list, here we go!  Continue reading “Playlist by Iris (February 2017)”

Nickelback are back! New single, tour and album!

Nickelback announced that they are releasing a brand new album in early June this year, followed by a North American tour! They officially released a brand news single today, named Feed The Machine, which is already available on several (streaming) websites and YouTube.  Continue reading “Nickelback are back! New single, tour and album!”

Playlist by Iris (January 2017)

Yesterday I uploaded my Best of 2016 list, but now it’s time for some brand new music that needs to be heard! Here are five fresh albums (and some still need to be released) that you definitely should check out!  Continue reading “Playlist by Iris (January 2017)”

Best albums of 2016 by Iris

Yes, I know, I’m late with this one. I was very busy with establishing this website, so I barely had time to focus on making a top 10/top 5/top whatever of 2016 albums. Well, this is not going to be a Top 10 really, this will be a list with albums released in the year 2016 that stick with me the most. Here we go! Continue reading “Best albums of 2016 by Iris”

Your roving reporter needs your help!

Yes, your roving reporter needs your help!

I opened a Fundraiser page to raise money for everything that’s needed to keep my voluntary work going, and to start a new life with the man I love the most.

Click on the link below for all the information you need. Please donate, share and help! Thank you very much, and a big warm hug from me!


Top 5 EP albums of 2016 by Iris

Everybody talking about their favourite albums of 2016… But what about the EPs that has been released in 2016? You know, those albums that only contain three or four tracks, but somehow contain just enough music to blow your mind? Well, here it is! My top five of most favourite EPs of 2016!

Continue reading “Top 5 EP albums of 2016 by Iris”

Hello there! Welcome to Permanent Music Damage!

Hi all! It’s me, your favourite roving reporter, Iris! You probably know me from my previous website Grendel Headquarters, and see me pop up from time to time on other websites, magazines, and ISKC Rock Radio. Welcome to the new website named Permanent Music Damage! Let’s go straight to the point… Continue reading “Hello there! Welcome to Permanent Music Damage!”