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… Hey! Who the hell are we anyway? Long story short: People with a passion for music (and hopefully not suffering from a permanent music damage or something).



Iris Hidding (Owner)

Roving rock journalist and radio presenter. Writes reviews (and such) for several websites and magazines. Loves to do interviews, and to promote the artists who need it the most. Claims to be a musician, but can’t play for real actually.



Clint Smith (Owner)

Multi-instrumental miracle, radio presenter, and accidental reviewer. Will provide this website lovely stuff with his charming personality and lovely humour. Claims to be old and sleepy, but Iris disagrees heavily.


142313bd2bd3d4dc1f3d85cbc3d4116cLenny Katten (Promotion) 

Fluffy, cute, and irresistible to many. Lenny helps us with the promotion on Facebook. Meow meow!



John Eje Thelin (Contributor) 

As the son of a jazz musician, John grew up surrounded by music. He never fully recovered from this early indoctrination, and to this day cannot go for very long without either listening to music or making it. He also seems oddly compelled to have opinions on the subject. John currently resides in Berlin, Germany with his two cats and his long-suffering wife. His podcast unQuiet Times – “The world’s only Eclectica podcast” – comes out every Sunday on Mixcloud.