Is this something new?

“Hey! What’s this? Oooh, a review of my favourite artist X, I didn’t know that there’s a new album out… And look, an interview with band Y! I never heard of them, let’s check them out!” … Today’s question: What “triggers” you to read a certain review/interview, listen to a podcast/radioshow, or to click on a certain link (like this one)?

Is it because it’s a review/interview of an artist/band you already know, or is it something completely new and did it make you curious? Is it a radioshow that plays the songs you already heard hundreds of times, or do you listen to it because it feeds your ears with brand new/unknown music? Do you try to keep a balance, or are you more leaning towards discovering new music, and put the music you listened to long ago in the trash-bin (figuratively speaking)?

It’s scientifically proven that most people discover new music in their teens and early twenties, and don’t feel the desire to keep on discovering once they reach a certain age. Of course, you probably don’t hear your grandpa talking about “the Top 10 of last month” (and if he does, he’s awesome), and I’m sure that your parents still prefer to go see their personal heroes playing at a gig than joining you during a hip, brand new festival.

I’m reaching my late twenties now, and if I haven’t stopped doing something, then it’s discovering new music. I always try to listen to as much radio shows on several (internet) radio stations, and always make time to listen to new promo material I get from several unknown bands and artists. When I’m not writing or doing an interview, I’m listening to music. I do try to keep a balance of listening to (new) stuff I never heard and to the music I already have and love.

I wonder if it’s the same for artists and bands. Do they once stop reinvent themselves, and keep on making a certain kind of music, or think they have found a “success formula” that they try to repeat over and over? (… No, please, don’t mention Nickelback, please, stop…)

Talking about aging artists who feed themselves on their success formula; I interviewed Tim Bowness (no-man) not so long ago, where we discuss the story behind his latest solo album Lost In The Ghost Light. It’s a very interesting interview, so if you haven’t read it, please do! You can read the complete interview by clicking here (note: No, it’s not Tim himself who is repeating a certain success formula, I think he’s one of the most interesting and refreshing artists out there at the moment).

Thank you very much for reading this! Feel free to post your personal opinion in the comment section of this website (just right under this post)!

A big hug, as always!


(… and my sincere apologies for my weird face today)

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