O.R.k. – Soul Of An Octopus (2017)

Soul Of An Octopus is the second studio album by the fresh sounding quartet named O.R.k., one of the many projects where Colin Edwin (who has garnered most of his fame with the band Porcupine Tree) is working on at the moment. Sir Edwin is one of my all-time favourite bassists out there, and I’m glad he continues providing wonderful music with several bands, projects and collaborations. I was afraid that O.R.k. would be a temporary project, but I’m really glad they continue making beautiful music and made this second album.

How to describe the music of O.R.k… It’s progressive/alternative rock, with some trips to grunge, experimental music, and stoner rock. It’s a little bit more heavy than the previous album, and also more accessible, although it still carries the same dark and dreary atmosphere. The voice of Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari (also known as Lef) is one of a kind, Pat Mastelotto (who can also be found playing with a lot of bands and projects) delivers splendid drums and percussion as always, and Carmelo Pipitone has a broad range of interesting guitar sounds and effects.

The album starts with Too Numb. It has a groovy vibe, and becomes even slightly experimental later on. Collapsing Hope is my favourite on the album. A track filled with stoner rock/grunge moments, and a bluesy guitar sound which I quite like. Searching For The Code has cool (digital) drum/percussion sounds, and the bass makes the song vibrant. Dirty Rain is a heavier track again, filled with various heavy guitar sounds. Scarlet Water is more melodic and experimental. The bass sounds are just great and well-thought, and Lef sings with a lot of emotion in his voice. Heaven Proof House is dreary and melancholic. Its atmosphere hangs as a dark veil over the song. Just Another Bad Day has a cool mixture of unusual guitar/bass sounds in the beginning. It contains many different musical themes as well. The chorus is catchy to sing along with. Capture Or Reveal starts calm, and has a lovely mellotron that lingers from time to time through this track. There’s a lot happening, it goes from calm to haunting several times. Till The Sunrise Comes starts with an acoustic guitar. Later on the complete band kicks in, and just like the previous song it has a lot going on musically. A very emotional song.

O.R.k. is something I would recommend to everyone, but I’m sure that not everyone will like it, and that’s ok. I do hope that their fan base will grow, because they deserve more recognition. They are also wonderful to see live, because this woman has seen them not so long ago (you can read my gig review here). Please continue delivering awesome music, dear band!

****+ Iris Hidding


  1. Too Numb (3:54)
  2. Collapsing Hopes (4:38)
  3. Searching For The Code (4:02)
  4. Dirty Rain (5:06)
  5. Scarlet Water (4:13)
  6. Heaven Proof House (4:25)
  7. Just Another Bad Day (4:10)
  8. Capture Or Reveal (4:48)
  9. Till The Sunrise Comes (5:20)




Go check out Colin Edwin’s personal blog page, where you can find the latest news of all the bands and projects he’s working on:


You can watch the video of the track Collapsing Hopes here:

I interviewed Colin in February 2016 right before his gig with O.R.k., you can listen to the interview here:




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