Playlist by Iris (February 2017)

Just a brief selection of music I’m listening to these days… Really, if I would make a playlist for all the music I listen to from time to time I would barely have time to write reviews! A lot of (sort of recent) music in this list, here we go! 



We start with something brand new. The Mute Gods released their debut album just one year ago, and they already have a brand new studio album coming up, which will be released at the end of this month! Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth is a very good follow up, it carries the same vibes as Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me. Nick Beggs and co. know how to keep progressive rock sturdy and flowing. Go pre-order the album here!



Another brand new album is Kinologie Vol. 1, by Bildschirm. Electronic music with that certain retro feel, and tons of synths. Very enjoyable, a must listen! Find more information about Bildschirm here, and don’t forget to buy it here!



Something that blew my mind (in a good way) is Meandering Mine. Metal, folk, trance… Why not put all possible genres just in one album? If you like a band that combines it all, then go listen to their album Neanderthal Nein. I certainly think they did a wonderful job. Go buy it here!



Amplifier will release a brand new studio album Trippin’ With Dr. Faustus soon, and I really can’t wait to listen to the complete album. They already released a single named Rainbow Machine, which was temporarily available on Bandcamp (so, if you missed it… Too bad…).  To prepare myself for their new album I’m listening to their previous studio album Mystoria more often again. Go check out everything the band released so far here (and don’t forget to buy some)!



Tony Patterson released his album named Equations Of Meaning back in 2016, and it’s a very lovely album. Calm, lingering music that grabs you at first listen. I wrote a review of this album as well, and will publish it soon. Another recommendation from me, your roving reporter. You can buy the album here!

That was it for now! Keep an eye on the page (or subscribe) for more playlists and interesting stuff!

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