Introducing: Bildschirm


Electronic, Retro, Synthesizer, 80s, Soundtrack, Analog, Instrumental


Bildschirm might have been Hans Hermann and Hare Vogo (born Hans-Reinhardt von Gorleben), a German synthesizer duo primarily active during the 80s. One of the members might even have gotten into a beerhall fistfight with Christopher Franke from Tangerine Dream about the wording of Bildschirm‘s controversial “Manifesto of Assonance“.

Or Bildschirm‘s music may be the product of architect, engineer and hermit Philip Landmann, who composes his music by candlelight using his vast collection of vintage analogue synths and effects, in his remote forest cottage in Mecklenburg.

Maybe the sounds are made on the purple laptop of 14-year-old Adrian Tóth, precocious son of a disgraced Hungarian politician and his trophy wife, running a wildlife sanctuary in Zimbabwe.

Or maybe it’s all created by photographer, composer, translator and entrepreneur John E Thelin, a former Swedish standup comedian and television writer living in Berlin.

We may never know.


Kinologie, Vol. 1 (2017)


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