Hey you! Have you heard this?

Hey you! Yeah, you, music lover! You probably get tons of suggestions of friends when it comes to music… And, I have to admit, I think it’s still one of the best ways to discover new music. 

We live in good times when it comes to discovering new music. Back in the day you had to be actively searching for some good tunes. You really had to take action, like going to a record store, buying physical copies of magazines and/or promo material, and all that kind of stuff. Now, we live in a time where we just have to turn on our computer, just do a few clicks with the mouse, and voila! Music all over the place. Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Bandcamp, just to name a few. Both the big names and the small, upcoming artists can be reached while barely moving a muscle…

*PING* “Hey Iris! I know you will like this!”, just a message from a friend today. *PING* “I’m sure you will like this”, another message from another friend…

… And those messages made me realize. Something that has never changed over the years, is getting music recommended by friends. Ok, the way we hand over music might have been changed; No more struggling with clumsy cassettes (note: I still love them though), or forgetting where you left that damn CD of your good friend… But, isn’t it true that we still share the music we love with our buddies?

When we really like something that we hear, we always hope that our friends will like it too. Nowadays, we can easily be connected with people who share the same taste in music. We search for people alike in Facebook groups, for instance… The place were I found the love of my life.. Sigh… Eeh, oops, now it gets too personal. Should we just continue talking about music then? *wink wink*

Tell me, do you recommend your friends to listen to music, and do you still get poked by your friends with things they like? I’m sure you do! Keep on sharing the music, dear peeps!

Do you have the time to listen to music, and want to hear two weird, music-loving oddballs talk about it in between? Check out SexCake, the wonderful radio show which I host with the most beautiful man in the universe. We discuss both new and old(ish) music, well-known and small bands, interesting facts, or just nonsense. Go listen to all the episodes here: https://www.mixcloud.com/iris-hidding/

Thank you very much for ready, and as always, a big hug from your roving reporter!



3 thoughts on “Hey you! Have you heard this?

  1. Lady Ier!!!! Always a joy reading the blogs and listening to the shows and here’s some more Permanent Music Damage for you, my latest album I think you will agree will bend a few minds and warp some brain cells along the way! ; ) https://oddsfiche.bandcamp.com/album/cone-of-shame
    Shameless promotion I know but it’s that rare avant-garde-ambient-psychedelic-weirdom that I love to make and share with the world! LOL

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