Blackfield – V (2017)

Let’s get straight to the point. Blackfield are back! Aviv Geffen and Steven Wilson delivered a masterpiece. I’m a big fan of their first two albums, and I still think the first one can’t be exceeded, but the third and fourth one were sadly disappointing me. The magic was gone, the typical gloominess and dark undertones were scattered over the place, but no track could really keep my attention. I even lost my hopes if Blackfield would ever return…

But they did return, and what a comeback it is! This album breathes the heavy, dark elements that reminds me of their first album (note: the album sleeve looks like a sort of homage to the first album). Thirteen tracks, but only 45 minutes long, because almost all tracks are around three and a half minutes long, something you can expect from Blackfield.

A Drop In The Ocean is an one and a half minute orchestral intro, something you can expect from a Steven Wilson solo album. The album is really filled up with orchestral arrangements, and very well done. Right after the first track the album really kicks in with Family Man. A powerful song with strong lyrics, mostly sung by Steven, and Aviv joins in during the chorus. It could even go for a Porcupine Tree track. How Was Your Ride is a calmer, ballad like song. The chorus is really strong and catching. We’ll Never Be Apart is my personal favourite, with Aviv singing. The lyrics are a mixture of darkness and happiness at the same time, but the music itself is cheery and up tempo. Sorrys is another emotional track with Aviv, accompanied by an acoustic guitar, and later on by a piano and strings. Life Is An Ocean has both sir Geffen and sir Wilson alternately on vocals. Again, musically uplifting but with gloomy lyrics. Lately is a real poppy song, with female vocals joining in after two minutes. October is a ballad, even musical like song with piano and orchestra. Steven Wilson throws out his emotions in this one. The Jackal is another pop track, with both gentlemen singing. Salt Water has that recognizable Steven Wilson guitar sound, supported by the string orchestra. A short, lovely instrumental track. Undercover Heart has Aviv on vocals, accompanied by female vocals. Another “typical” Blackfield song which has that morose atmosphere. Lonely Soul sounds like it’s straight from the late 90s with the synthetic like drums and catchy bass line. From 44 to 48 is lyrically slightly melancholic mixed with joyful moments, but the music itself is very uplifting.

The hard-core Blackfield fans will probably get this album without reading this review. I actually wrote this one for the fans who are afraid that Blackfield wouldn’t return to their old roots… But luckily they did! If you never heard a track from this band, then I would recommend to start with the first two albums, and then listen to this beauty . Try to avoid the third and fourth… Or not, who am I to tell you that, just go listen!

***** Iris Hidding

  1. A Drop In The Ocean (1:23)
  2. Family Man (3:37)
  3. How Was Your Ride (3:58)
  4. We’ll Never Be Apart (2:54)
  5. Sorrys (2:58)
  6. Life Is An Ocean (3:26)
  7. Lately (3:24)
  8. October (3:31)
  9. The Jackal (3:56)
  10. Salt Water (2:39)
  11. Undercover Heart (4:02)
  12. Lonely Soul (3:42)
  13. From 44 To 48 (4:31)

You can buy the album here:

You can watch the video of the track Family Man here:



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