Nickelback are back! New single, tour and album!

Nickelback announced that they are releasing a brand new album in early June this year, followed by a North American tour! They officially released a brand news single today, named Feed The Machine, which is already available on several (streaming) websites and YouTube. 

Yes, you probably noticed that I’m a big fan of them by making this announcement… And you know, I don’t care about the fact that there are still haters out there (come on, hating Nickelback is soooooooooo 2001). When I found out that they released their new single today I went flying around in the room like a lunatic. I’m a big fan of those guys since the release of their song How You Remind Me back in 2001 (which means I was 12!), and I think that Silver Side Up is still one of the most greatest albums ever made in music history.

Ok, enough “yippeehyaayeeeying” from me, back to the news. The new single Feed The Machine sounds very promising to me. It’s hard and heavy, and the lyrics are kick-ass! I think this sounds really amazing, and makes me very curious about the complete album! Go check out the awesome lyric video, and let me know what you think about the song in the comment section!

Click here for the complete announcement about the album and tour (and where you can buy tickets), and go check the official website here.

As always, a big hug from your roving reporter!



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