Playlist by Iris (January 2017)

Yesterday I uploaded my Best of 2016 list, but now it’s time for some brand new music that needs to be heard! Here are five fresh albums (and some still need to be released) that you definitely should check out! 



The wonderful Tim Bowness will surprise us with a brand new solo album named Lost In The Ghost Light in February this year! A brilliant follow up for his 2015 album Stupid Things That Mean The World. A must have for the no-man/Bowness fan, an album that you should really check out if you (still) haven’t heard his music yet. I will publish a review about this album soon, and I had the honour to interview him a couple of days ago. It was a very lovely and interesting interview, so keep an eye on the page! Go pre-order the album here.


Another album that’s going to be released in February is the highly anticipated Blackfield V! What can I say without spilling the beans? They are back! I was sadly disappointed about the third and fourth album, I had the feeling they lost their strength… But now they made a brilliant masterpiece again. Gloominess galore! I will publish a review about this album soon as well. Pre-order the album here.



Time for something fresh and unknown. The Religion (Adam Drew) just released a great album named Fragments. A perfect mixture of instrumental electronic and rock music, with industrial like influences. A must listen! Go check all you need to know about this artist here. You can buy the album here.



The band Starset released their second studio album named Vessels. A fresh, young band that is worth to check out! Progressive and melodic with heavy riffs, and very accessible. You can buy the album here.



Bulgarian band Future was Perfect released their solid debut album back in late 2016. Instrumental progressive rock with heavy guitars and many influences from other genres. A must listen for people who are fond of instrumental progressive music. Go check out more information about the band here. You can buy the album here.

That was it for now! Go keep an eye on the page for more playlists and interesting stuff!

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