Top 5 EP albums of 2016 by Iris

Everybody talking about their favourite albums of 2016… But what about the EPs that has been released in 2016? You know, those albums that only contain three or four tracks, but somehow contain just enough music to blow your mind? Well, here it is! My top five of most favourite EPs of 2016!



  1. Novatia – Reflection Of Thoughts

Very versatile band from The Netherlands, and great to watch live! A must have EP for people who like different styles of music. They also released another gem named Remind You Of Yourself not so long ago, go check that one out as well. Go het it here.



  1. Saul Blease – Blood

A young, and very talented upcoming artist who already released several albums! Two amazing tracks that brings you back to the 90s heavy, grungy music. This young guy will probably deliver more awesome music in the near future! Go get it here.



  1. Steven Wilson – 4 ½

Is this even an EP? It could almost go as a full album. A collection of several songs of this mastermind that somehow didn’t make it on other albums, including a brand new version of Porcupine Tree’s Don’t Hate Me. Go get it here.



  1. AWOOGA – Alpha

The debut EP of a very solid band. Heavy, grungy, spacey, proggy. Four tracks that are well composed and fabricated. This band has the future, so please keep an eye on them! Go get it here (the EP download is FREE!).



  1. Mahoney – You Are The Big Bang

First solo EP from ex-Amplifier bassist Neil Mahony. A man who knows how to make music. Solid riffs, heavy guitars and bass. This twenty minute journey deserves your attention. Go get it here.

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