Hello there! Welcome to Permanent Music Damage!

Hi all! It’s me, your favourite roving reporter, Iris! You probably know me from my previous website Grendel Headquarters, and see me pop up from time to time on other websites, magazines, and ISKC Rock Radio. Welcome to the new website named Permanent Music Damage! Let’s go straight to the point…

What will Permanent Music Damage provide?

We provide album/gig reviews, interviews (written, video or radio-interviews), news, blogs… And band promotion! As you can see there’s an extra category, which is meant for bands to promote their music. More information about band promotion can be found here!

Why a new website, and not continuing with Grendel Headquarters?

Yes, that’s a good question! The reason why I started a new website is because Grendel HQ was my personal website, while this is a collaboration between me and the wonderful Clint Smith. He will also provide the website with lovely content!

Because we are still busy working on the website it still looks a bit empty, but no worries! We will provide you more and more content over the next couple of weeks! Clint and I are busy with our own Top 10 list of 2016 (or top 5, or top 300, we will see), and I have a lovely video interview with the one and only Craig Blundell (Steven WilsonFrost*) comin’ up!

Go give us a like on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe so you get all the latest stuff in your inbox!

A big hug from your roving reporter,



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